Fried Onion Burgers

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Sid’s Onion Burger (recipe easily found online) is a go-to burger for lunch or dinner at our house. Quick, easy, super tasty, and minimal ingredients.


Meersburgers are so good I think they deserve their own Atlas entry, with onions of course.
Meers Store and Restaurant seems like a perfect Atlas Obscura entry. Isolated and unusual but so worth the trip. North of Lawton, right next to the buffalo herds in the Wichita Mountains wildlife refuge that already has its own entry. You could easily hit both spots in an afternoon trip from OK City. We’re going to try to stop on our next trip down I-44 to visit friends in Wichita Falls, site of the Worlds Smallest Skyscraper.


Slug burgers in the south had rolled oats blended during depression…