Funny "What the hell?" Travel Moments


We were in a jungle bar on St. Croix and the bartender told us she had a beer drinking pig out back. She charged $1.00 to see him. She gave us a can of beer and we went to an enclosure that held a huge hog named Domino. You threw the beer, he caught it, crushed it and spit the can back at you! Best dollar we ever spent and strangest tourist attraction ever.



Best restaurant name ever? Yeah, probably.

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Not peculiar in the way that most of these stories are, but the last time I was in Colorado to visit friends we went to the Shelby American Collection outside of Denver. I’m a certified motor head all about race cars of the SCCA golden era and this spot is in a nondescript warehouse building in a business park. I’d never heard of it so we walked in, dropped off the $5 suggested donation and looked around. This place is no more than 300’x400’ and it’s full of what I’d guess it well over $100M worth of Shelby cars with half of them being significant race cars with incredible provenance.
They have 2 of the 6 Shelby Daytonas, the last one to sell went for $7M and change. They also have the “foreign” Wilmet not counted in the 6.
I lost my sh!t when I walked into the place so it was definitely a WHAT THE HELL moment for me.



On the topic of restaurant names…
In Orange Walk Town, Belize, there are tons of Chinese restaurants-- most are run by Chinese immigrants to Belize who send money home to their families. But, notoriously, there are two Chinese restaurants located right next to each other, in the same building complex: The “OK Restaurant” and the “Excellent Restaurant.” There is reportedly a bitter feud between the two restaurants, and it supposedly even got so heated that once, a fist fight broke out between the two owners on the street infront of the storefront.



I was going through the pictures I took in my last year travels and found this one. It is in Bulgaria. If you travel to the Prohodna Caves and pass through the village of Karlukovo then in a middle of an empty field is this happy flower growing. (Hope I remember it correctly.)



What a friendly little weirdo!



My wife and I spent a couple of days in a fantastic small country inn\pub in a tiny village in Yorkshire, England. When I checked in I was given a key ring with two keys on it. The old style key was the key to our room. The modern key was the key to the front door of the Pub. The innkeepers explained that if we were to be visiting pubs in nearby villages we may be returning after they went to bed (keep in mind that as the local pub this place was open WELL past midnight). If such an event were to occur they would rather us just let ourselves in as opposed to needing to disturbing the staff. As you can see the key ring gives the name of the pub and village. My immediate concern was what if we lost the key? Anybody who found it would know what they have the keys to. It turns out this was the point. If we lost the key they’d want folks to know where to return it. I’ve since heard that this is not an uncommon among the small country inns in the UK. I don’t know what extent that’s true but regardless it was quite the experience and a welcome culture shock for this security minded American. On a side note I highly recommend the pub. The area is beautiful and the food was wonderful.



That’s so cool. I would look at a whole gallery of lovely English inn keys.

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I moved to Japan in autumn of 2017. After rummaging for hours online, I found a small music festival in the middle of a forest in a small prefecture called Gifu. There were about 60-70 people in total, almost all of them Japanese. So, there I was, in the middle of nowhere in Japan, at 3am, with this random American guy telling me all the conspiracy theories about Serbian history in fluent Serbian (He lived in the city I’m from apparently…didn’t make it any less weird).



Hahaha that sounds like an incredible time

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It’s looking for Baby Groot so they can dance together.



These fantastic pillars of luggage in baggage claim at the Sacramento airport. Just landed. :slight_smile:



Me, too. I once bought a box of antique keys off eBay and I still have them somewhere.

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A drinking person’s favorite work of art.



Wait - where is that panda? Bratislava main square perhaps?



These ads were all over the place in Slovakia last summer. Still just shaking my head.



Haha I saw those ads all over Hungary when I was there last year as well! I couldn’t stop laughing.



This Moorish (?) gaping fellow was a puzzler- until I took a “Black Heritage Tour” (highly recommended) that explained the Gaper image.
(See for details)

The poo emoji pillows were beyond explanation. Who would want to sleep on a poo pillow?



Thanks for the reminder! I used to commute to work in Sacramento, walked past these every week. They are a clever use of lost luggage.

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At a train station in Guangzhou, China a young woman could not stop staring at my husband who is very white and very tall. I had experienced people staring and taking my photo at touristy sites in Beijing, so it wasn’t too surprising. But what was surprising is when she slowing walked up to him with her hand outstretched and then stroked his arm. She wouldn’t stop touching him, and I had to push her away. What the hell!? Her face looked like she was looking at a ghost. We left her standing there in a daze.