Future Wonders Wishlist

I think we can all agree that it’s been a brutal year in so many different ways - I personally count myself lucky that my closest friends and family are healthy and safe, and that I’ve even had some significant personal victories of late. But it’s like a punch in the soul to witness a great many local wonders and oddities shut down or vanish this year… so I thought, why not dream of repopulating the landscape with new strange and astonishing things to see and experience? My question to you all is this: if money, logistics and liability were no object, is there something amazing or amusing or just downright bizarre that you would want to create or see someone else bring forth? I’ll kick it off by sharing a few things I would like to see:

  1. The Meta Museum: A museum of museums, galleries and libraries. A place where people can explore the architecture, planning, history, etc… of museums all over the world. Databases and research libraries. Maybe somewhere a true VR setup that could actually let people experience some of these places. In my head, I imagine parts of the building itself rotating (like a massive clockwork) - possibly in line with the lunar calendar. This would allow the observation deck/planetarium on the rooftop to provide a 360 degree view of the sky over the course of the month/year.

  2. The Florida Manseum + Tiki Garage: set in two adjacent garages, one dedicated to all things “Florida Man” (and woman) and the other, well, a garage converted into a Tiki bar. I imagine a historical exhibit: “Florida Man: From Cracker to Crack Head” documenting all the stupid behavior of my fellow FL residents, maybe going as far back as the early explorers and Spanish Conquistadors. What are the odds, you think, of being able to obtain the machete named “Kindness” to have on display?

  3. The 2020 Experience: an immersive maze inside some sort of large abandoned structure. Before entering, each individual gets to draw for an item to take with them - perhaps something useful like a flashlight or a medical kit, or something useless like a toaster or a roll of TP. Inside it’s a maze - there’s mostly no light (except what you bring yourself - you know, like a metaphor for this past year) - the walls are plastered with posters of memes and graffiti. There are some large open rooms including a disinformation center (where you can get inaccurate maps of the maze), a shrine/memorial to victims of racial inequality and police brutality, a room set up to resemble a sacked/looted convenience store, and a “riot room” made to resemble an urban street corner (Portland, NY, Chicago maybe). Either certain portions of the maze, or perhaps certain days/times, it becomes a massive, pvp paintball game zone.

  4. COVID-19 Pandemic Memorial: on a more serious note, perhaps we will see some sort of monument to those lost to the pandemic. Since it’s still ongoing, it might be some time before something like this becomes a reality, but eventually I think it would be something important to have.

Ok, that’s what’s rattling around inside my head. How about you? I want to hear about those yet-to-be-born marvels you dream of creating/seeing one day.


What a wonderful idea.
I would also invest in a memorial for the victims of the Pandemic. Since most of those who died were the elderly, the memorial would be in the form of a home for the elderly with all amenities.


Have concept for a Theme park from TV show Wild Wild West.
& Sans swimsuit Vacation concept I can send to anyones email address.
Basic concepts for only.
Or Experience centers IE sample a WW2 sub undersea on land
Do these apply


I especially like the idea of The 2020 Experience. I do think, however, that it ought to be closed most of the time, and on the few days that it’s open, it should advertise weeks before that it’s going to be open and then that day, close unexpectedly before closing time. There should be signs that people won’t be allowed in without a mask, but if they do come in without one, they won’t be stopped. And don’t forget the litter of masks here and there on the floor.


I love the Meta Museum and Florida Manseum! I would add making new videos for Schoolhouse Rock - A Twitter Meltdown, The Fake News Shuffle, It’s Only a Mask (Wear It!), etc.


A museum and memorial demonstrating how animals have performed feats that actually saved Human lives. Maybe called the Lassie Center.


I love that idea - I had not considered a functional memorial. Maybe also somehow incorporate donation stations as well for those impacted by by the pandemic.

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I don’t see why not - if it’s the sort of odd and fascinating thing you might find here on the Atlas and that you one day wish to see or create in the world, go for it!

Yes, that’s perfect!

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There does appear to be a COVID memorial in process in Uruguay: