Gander International Airport Lounge

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Back in the 50s we flew in an out of Gander whenever we went across the pond. In those days we flew in Lockheed Super Constellations, a propeller - piston engined plane. The Super Conny had turbo compounded engines in which the exhaust gasses were routed through turbines which passed their recovered energy back the the crankshaft through geared-down shafts. Even with that added efficiency the route needed to be as short as possible so the trans-atlantic leg was always Gander/Shannon (Ireland) and vice-versa. Gone are those days.

My father was sent to Sembach AFB in Germany in 1958 and we followed him several months later. Going over we flew in a MATS C-118 and stopped at Goose Bay, Labrador for fuel and flew to Prestwick, Scotland, then Rhein Main, AFB at Frankfort. Coming back we stopped at Gander.

In '66, it was jets all the way, with a DC 8 direct from McGuire, AFB, NJ to Rhein Main. The entire trip was less than half the time of '58 and '61. Still, I’m nostalgic over the old C-118 prop driven transports.