Garlic Ice Cream

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Although I have not eaten garlic ice cream in Gilroy yet, I have eaten Spring Garlic ice cream at Molly Moon’s ice cream in Seattle once, late at night. It was odd as it tasted strongly and accurately of spring garlic but it was sweet and creamy. I have not seen it on the menu since that night. I also had baby beet ice cream there which was lovely and tasted like sweet baby beets. I remember way back over 4o years ago when Marianne’s ice cream one of your photos of garlic ice cream) was in a cement block building under the redwoods on the edge of Santa Cruz, CA. it had Formica tables and lovely brown licorice ice cream. Now it is in a red building on the main drag and the licorice ice cream is black. I might go for the garlic ice cream but no longer for the licorice flavor.

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