Gastro Obscura New Flavors Club: CANDY!

Welcome back to another edition of Gastro Obscura New Flavors, where WE suggest some new foods for you to go out and try, and we ask YOU to tell us about rare and unique foods that you think we should try.

In this edition we’re looking for CANDY! Go out and try a new kind of candy that you’ve never had before, and come back to tell us about it. Or if there’s a rare and fascinating candy that you’ve discovered on your travels, come tell us about it in the comments. Either way, let’s help each other find some new flavors and add a bit more curiosity to our paletes in the process. Check out five of our favorite obscure candies from the Atlas Obscura database below, and give them a try if you can!


Should definitely try Tyrkisk Peber (Turkish Pepper)

It’s uh…quite definitely an acquired taste.

My favorite candy from my childhood is this

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Not something super different, but they are old and becoming hard to find but wax bottles. I watched Unwrapped religiously as a kid.

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I love White Rabbit Candy, too! Grew up on those. My Dad used to bring a packet home as a treat. The thin gelatin sheet wrapped around the soft, milky chew… (lip smacking)

Unwrapped! Loved that show. Marc Summers was an awesome host.


If I can find Dragon’s Beard Candy stateside, I’ll snap it up! I think I’ve tried the anise seed candy but not a hundred percent certain.

I really want to try salmon candy. I learned about it after it got featured on a Bizarre Foods Delicious Destinations episode on Vancouver.
Image from here

Some of my favorite snacks growing up were sweet and spicy pusit (dried squid),
Image from here
and sweet and spicy dilis (dried anchovies).

Image from here

See a theme here? Also, they’re probably pretty similar to salmon candy.

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Salmon candy or “candied salmon” is smoked salmon, smoked in hot smoke and simple syrup marinade. As it smokes more marinade is painted on so by the time it’s ready, the salmon has dried out and the syrup has reduced to a thick paste. I find the texture and taste rather unpleasant, fishy cardboard soaked in sugar water

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My wife who is danish says Tyrkisk Peber is not as good as it use to be because they cut down on the amount of ammonium chloride. And while I like sweet liquorice (or as they call it kids liquorice) I’m not a fan of salt liquorice.


Oh man, I’ve never heard of salmon candy before now, but I am here for it!

I loved these! I would end up with these piles of half-chewed wax bottles. Sigh. Childhood was gross.

hahaha and wax lips lol

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Those tyrkisk peber are the hard candy variety they also have a soft liquorice stick variety that has a salt liquorice core.


Never tried salmon candy, but as a child I loved Japanese candied sardines, tazukuri.

They’re crispy and salty like chips, but have a sweet aftertaste. My uncles loved eating them with beer, but they taste just as good with green tea and rice crackers.


Not sure if these are candy per say as they are sold in Asia more as snacks but really they are basically cookies. Just got them at an Asian market. They are saltines with condenst milk cream in between.


Just picked these up in Utah! Now, they’re certainly a strange flavor combination… but the texture is weirdly addictive. Addicting enough that I kept buying more and more bags…


I love these! For some reason, they’re not easy to come by where I live on the East Coast or maybe they’ve run out by the time I went. There are more flavours - try the chocolate, strawberry or lemon fillings.

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These are just hard candies but ones I’ve only seen in Scandinavia or northern Germany

Chili and salt liquorice


Forest fruit (some combination of strawberry, raspberry, blueberry, red curtain and/or Blackcurrant)

Sport (a style of lemon/lime soda)


Would definitely eat forest fruit.