George Washington’s Whiskey

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So technically more of a “grain neutral spirits” than a whiskey?

Not “exactly.” From what I’ve found grain neutral spirits are used to refer to almost 100% ethyl alcohol reserved mostly for medicinal and industrial applications, though also used to blend with other distillates for consumption. Whiskey (or whisky) is the term for distillates from grain destined exclusively for consumption (and at much lower proof, usually at or below 65%). In some states I believe you can find Everclear, referred to as “grain alcohol” at up to 95% but even at the lower proofs it’s not referred to as “whiskey.” Tomato, tomahto basically. The clear unaged distillate for Bourbon whiskeys is referred to as “white dog.” Everybody has different labels for basically the same thing.

Hope he paid his taxes. He called out the army on farmers who didn’t while he was president.

I rank it up there with MacArthur and Patton calling out the troops on the Bonus Army.