Getting around in Cozumel Mexico?


Greetings All…Planning on being in Cozumel in February. Although the island is ‘fairly’ small it still will require transportation to get around and I understand there is no Uber or such. Renting a car would not be a problem except for the potential legal repercussions of any kind of accident in Mexico. What are your experiences of getting around in Cozumel?


The last time two times I was there we walked the first time and took a taxi the second time. How are you arriving to Cozumel? Each time was via a cruise which drops you off at this port next to an outdoor shopping area, and the taxis were on the opposite side of the building. Once in a taxi, we just got dropped off at a popular public beach and walked along that. The time we walked, we walked too far in the wrong direction and hit an impassable checkpoint of some sort, so don’t do that.


Depends on where you are staying? There isn’t a lot to see on the Island outside of the main tourist area downtown, many of the hotels are between there and the area where the cruise ships come in. If you are flying in and staying somewhere in that area you will be fine with taxis. Having said that, the last time I was in Cozumel several years ago, we did rent a car to drive around the island - the rental process at that time was spotty - the first car they tried to give us had no seatbelts. Enjoy Cozumel!