Getting from Granada to Tangier


Looking for possible routes to get from Granada to Tangier. Possibly by ferry or flight, just want to see what other people did. My current itinerary is Porto-Lisbon-Seville-Granada-Tangier-Fes-Marrakesh. Looking for any suggestions or tips from people that traveled to Morocco via Spain.

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Oh! I’ve done this three times, twice by flight (from Seville to Marrakesh and Seville to Tangier) and once by ferry. I strongly preferred flying. In some cases it was cheaper. Ryanair has flights as low as 10 euros. And it was definitely more comfortable.

Morocco is very easy to get around in (trains, long-range taxis, etc.). So don’t feel like you couldn’t do Fes to Tangier to Marrakesh or other some such combination.



Thanks for the advice! How many days would you recommend in each city? I was thinking of giving Tangier or Marrakesh a good week and the others 3-4 days.



How fun! I am planning a Lisbon>Sevilla>Granada trip right now. We’re flying to Sevilla, then busing to Granada. No helpful tips here, just excited.



That’s a great question. I think you could definitely spend a week each in Lisbon, Fes, and Marrakesh. I think a week feels a little long for Tangier, but it depends on how deeply interested you are in getting to know that city. Granada is a magical city, one of my favorites in Spain. I’ve long thought of spending a sabbatical or extended vacation there. It’s a well-touristed destination, but its top attractions like the Alhambra are places I could spend days in. And then if you go beyond the tourist center, you’ll find the whole city is just so charming. Seville could also be a longer smaller-city trip if you’re interested in extending your time in less metropolis-like destinations. I’m not sure about Porto as I’ve never been, but I’m heading there in July, I think. Let’s compare notes!



I adored Granada. We spent three days and at the end were already planning our next trip back and searching the local real estate listings.

Seville was so charming. We spent four nights. Beware if you will be driving a rental car as many of the streets are hardly wide enough for a single car and we experienced difficulties with our phones being able to locate us properly. It created quite the stressful situation trying to drop off parents and their luggage at their door.

For our trip into Morocco we decided to do an overnight in the sleepy beach town of Tarifa (it might have been sleepy because we were there in September. :smile:) and in the morning we took a ferry into Tangier. I got sick as we neared port and was not the only one. If we take the trip again I would look into flights or make sure to bring Dramamine and a sick bag for if the bathroom stalls are full.

After getting out of the port you are relentlessly pressed to hire a “guide”. We had planned on going it alone but eventually relented. At the end of the tour we decided it was worth it having someone to navigate the small windy streets of the Medina and noted that we felt less hassled than other travelers.

We spent the day and it felt like it was enough time to explore the Medina and Ville Nouvelle.



Thank you for the reply! I have been prone feeling uneasy on buses so maybe I will fly. And I’ll be sure to find a tour of the Medina; sounds nicer that way.

Did you buy a SIM card for your phone when you visited Spain?

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@LuckyBee’s comment about Medina reminded me of something. Getting a guide in Fes is a TOTAL value add. I’ve never been to a place with such a confusing map/layout. I highly highly highly recommend contracting a local to take you around and make sure you make it back to your hotel without walking around in circles.



We use Google Fi for our phones, which lets you use your same plan in 200+ countries. It is $20 for unlimited talk and text and then data is $10/GB even when traveling internationally.

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Good advice, I got lost in Amsterdam a couple of times so a local’s knowledge would be very appreciated. Is there anywhere you recommend for finding a trustworthy guide?



Gosh. I was last there in 2007. I think I might have just asked a friendly, english-speaking taxi driver to be my guide.

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In regards to Alhambra, I’d just double-check the fountain in the Court of the Lions is on display. The only time I’ve been there, the fountain was in the process of restoration. All of Alhambra is beautiful, but since that’s the main centerpiece, I felt it was worth mentioning!



Thanks for the heads up!



2 years ago I travelled from Tangier to Marrakesh coming from Spain. But not from Granada. I took a ferry in Barcelona to Tangier, which is a 30 hour trip. Port of arrival was Tangier Med which is still a long drive to Tangier. I spend 2 days in Tangier and then I took the train to Marrakesh (about 10h). Let me know if you want more information. I can say for now that this trip was magical. I considered Tangier as just a stop over… and I was totally wrong about that. Lots of things to discover there ! And travelling by train is the perfect way to get in touch with local people.

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