Getting in contact with one of the staff writers

Hi guys,

Just wondering how I can get in contact with one of the staff writers ?

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Hey there M_M,

Long time no see, hope you’re doing well.

I guess it depends on what the point of contact you’re looking for is.

For feedback on place contributions I normally email

For stories I normally use the banner at the bottom of the page, and I think that directs to

If the place entry or story are tied to Gastro Obscura in any way, is probably the best bet.


No its more about a story that I would like to contact AO about but I do understand that they are currently going through difficulties.

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Oh right, in that case, the FAQ has the following link for pitching articles/stories: How to Pitch Atlas Obscura


No, but I dont want to write a story myself but rather recommend one.

They don’t really care usually from my experience. I tried once and they just pointed me to that faq.

Nevertheless I would like to try

@Monsieur_Mictlan Certainly feel free to send us any ideas and tips! You could send a note to the editorial, pitches, or places and they will get to the proper team. I’ve personally relayed ideas for stories that were sent to me from community members and contributors, so we are always on the hunt for ideas or topics to explore! Feel free to pm as well.

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