Ghost Town Disc Golf

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There’s so much more to do and see around the area. Route directions skip Central City altogether – a restored mining town from the same period as Russell Gulch. Central City, along with neighboring Black Hawk, were granted gaming status in 1992, and now boast a number of casinos. Black Hawk turned into a mini-Las Vegas, but Central is still pleasantly quaint. The City also boasts a world-renowned opera in the summer, performed in a beautiful old opera house from the mining period. The general area is gorgeous, with many hiking trails and a beautiful state park nearby.

No, I’m not in Central City’s pay – just a recent resident who loves the area and wants the world to know how wonderful it is.


Wow! Sounds like there’s quite a lot going on in this area. If you’re interested in submitting any of these places to the Atlas we would love to read more about them! I’m about to look up some more about the Central City Opera House right now, that sounds fascinating.

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