Giant Prairie Dog

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Yup, it is still there as of 2018. You can stop if you want, or not.

A “must stop” if you have children, no matter their age. This is a little store attached to someone’s house. Outside there is a fenced off area where you can feed the prairie dogs. They’re a specialty breed of white-tailed prairie dogs and they are adorable. They are wild and many of them choose to live just outside the fenced area where you can’t walk. You can, however, feed them. The ones that live inside the fenced area seem to be very used to people and will come right up to you if you have a bag in your hand. The bags are unsalted peanuts that you buy in the store, about a dozen for a dollar. We went through four or five bags apiece. They chatter to each other in high, squeaky peeps. Had we more time, we probably would’ve spent another hour here. Absolutely loved it!

When you get off the freeway, it’s about a mile down the road past the large trading post/gas station.

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