Glenrio Ghost Town

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Interesting read on this place it is so bad for places like this ending up being ghost towns with such beautiful buildings just rotting away as I read through the pages just thinking with all the cries about immigrants, the government should give access so they can develope it into a thrieving community once more with guide lines of becoming a productive people.

I would love to have that Pontiac or the Ranchero!

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You read my mind.
The Catalina looks like a '67 (I think), and the Ford a 77-79.
I’d be shocked if someone hasn’t come by with a trailer and ‘adopted’ that orphaned Ranchero by now. Ya think it had an Astroturf bedliner?:wink:

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Eep, drove by this creepy little ghost town on my way back to OK in 2017. There were lots of “NO TRESPASSING” signs, but that’s to be expected. I can’t quite place why it gave me the creeps. But here’s a pic taken from my driver’s seat.

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I think that’s giving me the creeps…