Greatest Street Art Spots in the World

With the general exception of vandalizing historic landmarks or natural spaces, graffiti is pretty awesome, and these days it’s everywhere. For better and worse (RIP, The Days When Graffiti Was For Outlaws), street art has become a much more accepted part of just about every urban landscape, adding color and cultural texture to many otherwise flat, oppressive spaces. Here in New York, we’re a bit spoiled, with some gorgeous new wall of original graffiti popping up every couple of blocks. Whether they’re monumental works of unauthorized art, or more organized efforts like the Welling Court Mural Project in Queens, New York’s street art is its own attraction.

But down alleys and backstreets all over the world, there are even more incredible street art destinations just waiting to be discovered. Now we want to hear out about the greatest street art spots that you’ve ever seen!

(Image: Toa Heftiba/Public Domain)

In the comments below, tell us about your favorite, eye-popping places to see street art around the world, how you discovered them, and what you love about them. And if you have any great original images of your graffiti finds, drop them in there as well! Your submission might be included an upcoming roundup article on Atlas Obscura. Street art might not be as taboo as it once was, but its fugitive beauty is still alive!


Back when I was doing my bachelor’s degree we had a portion of one of my classes dedicated to graffiti. Since then, I look back at all the graffiti that caught my attention and how it has changed through the years. Seeing the many walls out there who had their graffiti changed through the years, how one overtakes the other in a seemingly endless loop (unless the structure is demolished or destroyed). If you think about it, there’s history hidden on every layer that could go back several decades. If only graffiti could be peeled off and preserved, at least we can take pictures.

Even in campus we had graffiti regarding the issues at the time, such as lack of enrollment space, increases in credit costs, political debates, etc. All of that is pretty much gone today thanks to new paint jobs.


My home neighborhoods of Williamsburg and Greenpoint, Brooklyn have a ton of wonderful street art. There’s lots of graffitti, which may be more of what your asking for, but there’s also an amazing landscape of murals. Here’s just a small sample of them:


FAILE_Mural_full-500x333 ![morebrooklyn|690x364]


Now for the street art, I have way too many to share so here’s a small sample of what I got (years vary):





Dumpster in Comerío


Sorry for making another post, but wanted to share these ones separately since they’re my favorites so far.

First, this community project in Aguadilla:

Also, for a few years a man named Héctor Collazo began a project called “78 Pueblos, una Bandera” (78 Towns, one Flag) were he goes to each town (municipality) in Puerto Rico and paints the flag in a certain location. Think of it as an Easter egg hunt, except you can cheat thanks to the internet. Locations have been changed for safety reasons and some were sadly lost thanks to hurricane María. Not sure if he’s done yet, but I have captured a few. Here’s my favorites so far (notice his signature on the bottom):




Juana Díaz


Florida (Yes, we have a town with that name)

Patillas (Sadly, hurricane María claimed this one):

Humacao (also gone):

These are just a few, I’m at 25 of ? so far. Others are in hard to reach or dangerous places, which is why some have changed locations.


On my recent trip to Athens, I found a great deal of street art, but this one picture was the only one I took.


I spent sometime in Shenzhen, China and came across this ‘graffiti wall’ at Hung Ho park. It stretches for 2km if I’m not mistaken. Not the greatest graffiti ever created, but it’s still pretty cool nonetheless and worth a check out if you ever stop by China :smile:!



We saw some interesting street art in Italy a couple of years ago. In Siena, we found this one by Exit Enter.
Google Photos

Florence has a number of street artists as well. Clet Abraham does fun things with street signs:
Google Photos

Blub has amusing takes on classical art.
Google Photos

This wall had art by Exit Enter as well as two other artists.
Google Photos


You never need to apologize for making another post! These are incredible!


Montreal has a lot of street art! I visited last September and stayed in the Pointe St. Charles neighborhood. My airbnb hosts said that they have street art festivals, and that the art near their apartment is changed out regularly, and that there is even “practice space” in the alleyways. Here’s one I found near where I was staying:


I love to walk around this place covered in street art called Beco do Batman in Sao Paulo , Brazil. Having said that I hate the walk to/ on the way to that area of the city as the pavement is totally crap and especially when it has rained and ughh… drivers have no respect for pedestrians.

Also , this piece of street art in Sao Paulo , really lovely to see her at night but its a shame that the area is so dangerous in terms of muggings etc. also it was one of my first posts on AO too :


I’ve passed that bottom one countless times living in NYC. Its so cool.


Behind Hackesche Höfe in Berlin there is some alleys that are just packed with street art…


There’s a small city in Northwest Spain called La Bañeza that is just loaded with street art, to the point you forget you’re in a very small city that many Spaniards aren’t even aware exists. It’s truly incredible.

“Let nobody undermine your dreams”

These images were found on

“Make it worth it”

Found on Art · Aero · Rap

The street art is due to an urban art festival that began in 2013 and continues every August. A map of all the current paintings can be found on the city website here.


Beco do Batman (Batman’s Alley) in the neighborhood of Vila Madalena, São Paulo, Brazil is our own “Wynwood Walls”! It’s a small alley leading to an opening, and every wall is covered in graffiti! It’s been the reason of much controversy (residents would paint over the street art) but either way the place is a major tourist spot and photoshooting location.


The streets of Beco do Batman have been closed to pedestrians exclusively! The pavement is still bad though…


I found this one in a little alley in Key West in a residential neighborhood of itty bitty houses


So many. I’ll start with Lisbon.

And one on a tree stump:



Sometimes simplest is best:


Love the blood sucking hadopi and 80s era Mickey Rourke prey , haha