Greatest Street Art Spots in the World

We hiked the Portuguese El Camino last year and saw these nice pieces of street art in Spain on the way to Santiago.


I am probably going to take some flack for this. I may be the only one on AO who dislikes this so-called “street art.” It may be classifiable as art but to me it is the worst kind of tasteless marring. I would much rather see a ruined building simply falling into decay that to see it covered with gang-related tags, scribbled penises, hackneyed cartoon characters and near lawless people hailed as heroes by the painters. Whole or parts of in-use brick buildings covered with murals, concrete bridge structures made up like fantasy sex workers, floating bloody eyeballs peering from over urban fences–when did this chaos become desirable? What most urban buildings need is a good cleaning, refurbishing and TLC–not coat after coat of garish paint. Nothing symbolizes urban decay–to me–more than graffiti and mural art on buildings.

I love the Lichtenstein-esque dead lovers and the sentiment behind it ! Beautiful !

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Nice! It’s a lovely city!

Oklahoma City has Plaza Walls – it’s a curated, rotating mural exhibit in one of the arts’ districts. The rotating part is especially fun!

This Will Rogers mural is my absolute favorite and was one of the first when the Walls debuted in 2015:

And here are some pictures I took back in summer 2017 of the murals:


One of my favorite places to visit is Las Vegas. Not only does it have gambling but also a very good underground art scene…this piece is one of my FAVORITES! I think his name (of the character) is Felipe. Such an expressive piece of artwork! Love it.


That one from Nepal is pretty cool, especially with sunlight hitting it.


The street art in Bogotá, Colombia is amazing, particularly in the Candelaria district. This picture is just one of them; the artistry, quality, and creativity is incredible.


The “La Fresque du Petit-Champlain” mural, painted in 2001, is one of several similar “frescos” in and around Vieux-Québec (old Québec City); there are also some very creative murals that fill the entire trestles under some of the underpasses.


Great photos! Interestingly, I did a street art tour in Lisbon and did not see any of the ones you posted but a whole bunch of others… like these:

The second B&W one was done all with electrical tape. The third is one of everyday people in Lisbon. The last was impressive because it was done on a lumpy wall, going around the corner - incredible technique


There’s some amazing street art in Oaxaca, Mexico- much of it inspired by the social justice movements in the area.


San Francisco’s Mission District has some breathtaking spots:

So Much Space by Sean Davis, on Flickr

Balmy St by Julien Chatelain, on Flickr

The Apartment by David McSpadden, on Flickr

San Francisco-Mission District by emile lombard, on Flickr

Here’s a recent book featuring the art:

When traveling, I’ve often expected to see and enjoy street art, but San Juan, Puerto Rico, surprised me at multiple turns and gave me chills.

Untitled by Shannon Badiee, on Flickr

Untitled by Juan Cristobal Zulueta, on Flickr

street art. by jason saul, on Flickr

The art and awe is certainly not limited to the Santurce neighborhood, but this article gives an idea of what you can expect. For this and other reasons San Juan is one of the most beautiful places I’ve visited.


That’s such a cool mural I had to go look up some of the others The Eye Deceiving Murals of Quebec City | Amusing Planet They are all pretty spectacular!

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Squirrelly street art in Florence, Italy (April 2019)


Penang is know for its street art!

Delhi has some great street art and there was a lot that dealt with climate change!

And, I loved the street art in Kuala Lumpur.


These are incredible! Especially the shadow installation!


A few more from Glasgow.


Graffiti and colonialism (Nairobi, Kenya)

Traditional patterns + skull (Dili, Timor-Leste)

Mythical creature on historical building (Cuenca, Ecuador)

Whatever this style is . . . it stands out (Rome, Italy)

Minimalism with a message (Bangkok, Thailand)


In Athens, Greece

In Rome, Italy

In Brooklyn, NY

In Condesa, Mexico

In Rio de Janeiro

The Eyes in Toronto

Mueller’s Crevasse

By Pejak in Spain

And NemO in Italy

And all across Valparaiso in Chile


:heart: And then, there is always the unrivaled Banksy…