Greatest Street Art Spots in the World

Yes , in beco batman neighborhood its definitely closed for access by pedestrians and its awesome that it is. But I meant the pavement on the sidewalks of the rich neighbourhoods that you have to walk through to get to beco.



Artists caught in the act


I have some works by Exit/Enter too. I’m going to be adding a lot of photos here I’m sure, I take pictures of street art everywhere I go.

First up, a couple of those E/E works (I have more!):


More from Italy … I used to live in Padova, and there are a couple of great artists based there. It’s hard to get to most of them before they’re tagged by others, of course.

Kenny Random:



Denver -
By David Choe when he was visiting…

Unknown artists, more recently in the RiNo neighborhood:

This one is interesting because the building it’s on is not flat, it has triangular protrusions, as you can see here:

Coming the other direction, there is a girl’s face.


Montreal does it so well.


In my home neighborhood of Washington Heights in Manhattan NY we have the Audubon Mural Project with paintings of birds all over the place. It is a tribute to James Audubon who lived and is buried here. It’s worth a stroll around.


I also spend time every year in Sardinia. There is a small town in the hills of Barbagia region called Orgoloso that is covered in street art. The art is intended to highlight political dissent and activism across the world.


Atlanta’s Krog Street Tunnel!!!



In 1976 students at the W T White High School in Dallas painted this wall on in an attempt to stop the graffiti that was being put on the wall. Over the years, it was repainted over the years, but the original was almost lost until 2014 when an amazing individual took it upon himself to restore it. He was soon joined by other volunteers and they did an amazing job of restoration.


Riding a bicycle around Venice Beach in Los Angeles is a great treat -wonderful weekend -the street art is endless


Ghent in Belgium has a street dedicated to street art.


Bangalore, India; Paris; Athens.


wow, some of these above are phenomenal! Here’s one from Porto, Portugal, just above the water line of the River Douro. The others are by some Portuguese street artists that I saw in an exhibit in Porto’s Old Custom House, and by Banksy, I suppose the ultimate street artist these days.

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I’m from Los Angeles and here graffiti similar to any other major metropolitan area has its own culture. It’s always and only the unauthorized sort of work that brings respect from others within the same culture. Yet from the fine art perspective, and beyond the works of street/fine artists of Haring and Basquiat, it’s the unauthorized that always gets overlooked. For me I appreciate the unauthorized work much more than the authorized sort. It has always been a source of amazement and wonder whenever coming across a piece that’s impossibly placed on freeway overpasses or busy intersections.


Born and raised in NYC so these are a couple of photos of street art ranging from Ridgewood/Bushwick areas to midtown Manhattan where I work


Hi there! I share some pics of two incredible neighborhoods in the city of Buenos Aires. Their names are Barracas and Coghlan, and they are considered the mechs of street art in the city. I am a tour guide specialized in urban art, and I assure you that it is worth knowing them when traveling around this corner of the planet



Glasgow, Scotland.
This was a single mural, but the closeness of the buildings made a single photo impossible.


Little Armenia in Los Angeles is home to a very diverse immigrant community, that includes Armenians, Thais, Salvadorans, among many others. These groups co-exist and enjoy the authenticity of the ethnic restaurants, markets and even the street art. A good example of that is this piece by Artoon Art that honors the history of the Armenian people and the tragedy of the Armenian Genocide perpetrated by the Ottoman Empire. wounds


Last year I got the chance to visit the small Arctic town of Churchill, Canada. They have a great collection of street art that was commissioned by the town from visiting artists. Come for the polar bears, be surprised by the art.


This is the most poetic piece of street art I’ve come across ever.

And it’s detailed as well. He made pores, and small green hand prints, and in the reflection of each one of the eyes, there is a little black hand holding a cross and there is a red heart too, and one of irises of the eyes is a hurricane. There are texts around: No LSD Just Paint, and 2 x 2 = 5. The artist used the moniker Timit when he made this. It is no longer there. The wall it was on was demolished.

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