Green River Soda

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Credence Clearwater’s song, Green River, Is about Putah Creek outside Sacramento, CA.

When I was a 9 or 10 year old kid in Sparta Wi. in the mid-1960s my sister would take me to the Classic Theater on Sat. afternoons for whatever movie was playing that week. The pop machine had cola/orange/white sodas and Green River. Put in your quarter. Push the button to select. A white paper cup would drop into sight. Hopefully straight up. The deep green syrup would flow. Then the clear fizzy soda. Magic. My favorite. I don’t know if it was the “authorized” version—licensed and all. But was great.
Classic Theater long gone. Alice gone 4 years. Thanks for the reminder. I have mentioned it off and on through the years. No one else seemed ever to remember.

That is so bizarre. The green river from Wyoming joins the grand river from Colorado in Utah to form the Colorado River. Davenport (quad cities) is on a famous river, the missisipi.