Greenwood Cemetery

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09/13/2019 - Our cursory and noncommittal exploration yielded no sights of the stairs. Due to the warning regarding private property and the fact that the convoluted legends around these stairs are a dime a dozen (a set of stairs with literally the exact same legend exists at Hummel/ NP Dodge Park just north of Omaha, Nebraska), we were not overly set on finding it.

My Father is interred in the area above the stairs. It is a beautiful cemetery to walk. If you go, the idea that the stairs are active is interesting but venture further. The mausoleum across the street is a interesting visit. Also, when you enter Greenwood Cemetery the office will be on your left, back behind the office hidden in the trees is a unendowed section. It has fallen into disrepair and is fascinating and tragic at the same time. There is a road that isn’t easily noticed as you exit the cemetery it will be on your right. Turn, go down the little road and park. Explore the forgotten. Also, behind the cemetery, there is an elevated train trestle. Roughly 30 years ago, riders and horses were trying to make it from one side to the other and the train won. They were throw over the trestle.

The stairs are near the fire hydrant as you go past greenwood cemetery on your left along Government Way. I will be going back in September and will try to post pictures.

Hey thanks. I am not sure if I it will be a priority, necessarily; next time I come through I want to check out Indian Painted Rocks and the Monroe Bridge bison skulls.

The stairs are pretty ordinary during the day, but quite creepy at night when the surrounding area is overgrown. It was fun as a teenager with a group of people because it inevitably turns into a Ouija board situation. Instead of someone moving the piece and denying it though, someone is bound to whisper ghostly things and deny it. It’s an interesting stairway and the cemetery itself is really cool with the various tiers, but I wouldn’t say it’s a must see by any means.