Guardian Lions of Route 66

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To me these are fascinating. But why ?
They are plainly visible on Googl Maps and their location has been marked on satellite view. By my measure & their scale the lions are almost exactly a quarter mile apart. They are, however, seen as not far from the highway - the western lion about 150 feet and the eastern less than 200. Their satellite view positions have been marked, so they are easy to find. Zooming back they are seen as indeed being in completely open desert. South of the lions is a long & unnamed dirt road running parallel to the highway, but nothing else. Fascinating.


Woh! Adding these guys to my hit list! :lion::lion:

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This corner of the Mojave has so many interesting gems. I went down to 29Palms/JTree last summer to visit my little brother, and between the lions, Roy’s cafe, the crater, and the overall otherworldly nature of the Mojave, there was so much to see in the middle of nowhere!

Like this random tree of trash… who knows if it’s still there now or has been updated, but it was about a few miles before catching sight of the female lion

I was by the lions yesterday Oct. 8, 2019. The female lion has been removed. So sad people can’t leave things alone. I am going to start a search on facebook and ask if anyone has seen it. Someone knows what happened to it. I was by in 2014 and both were there so sometime between now and then one was taken.

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I drove by in late-July of this year and they were both there then.