Guelta d'Archei

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Those photos were surreal and a four day camel ride to take some more make this a most tempting destination. Has anyone made this trip lately? My niece’s husband was pondering their next trip to some back of beyond place like this during our Christmas get together. This sounds just like what he had in mind so I’m going to forward this to him as a suggestion. Most of his considered destinations were pretty dicey due to geopolitical turmoil and Chad and Libya were that way when last I checked. I’d suggested Lop Nor in the Taklamakan but things began to go south in China. Is Guelta d’Archei a more viable choice right now?

Hi, I just joined this site/forum. Am quite intrigued by Guelta d’Archei in Chad. Did you/your family experience this remarkable destination and if so, what were some of the hurdles doing so? Any cross-nation interference, night raids, issues with the locals, etc.? Thanks