Gulf Coast (Biloxi area)

Any ideas of things to do and see in southern Mississippi and along the gulf?

I’ve scoured AO… slim pickins…
But I’m guessing someone has a story or two to share.

We’re not afraid of:
* getting our feet muddy
* driving down washboard roads in the dark
* heading out on wild goose chases
* getting off the grid
* eating stinky cheese


Hey @spf50 here’s a suggestion from one of my colleagues who was able to tag along with these guys once, she really enjoyed it!

Hey spf50, not a whole lot of activities this time of year unless you’re into casinos (Biloxi area), but there’s always some great food that way! Spicy crawfish are a must try, I recommend Bozos if you find yourself towards the Alabama state line in Pascagoula, they also do a legendary poboy, but call ahead to ask about the crawfish, (crawfish season is kind of finicky). And the shed in ocean springs does good bbq.

Biloxi beach is kind of lackluster, but the drive along hwy90 is really nice and passes plenty of antebellum style homes. Oh and there’s a company that offers alligator tours outside of Pascagoula as well, but they can be kind of pricey, the real gem is this gas station near the tour site called oaks. They do a really good chili cheese dog (I know it sounds weird, but this place is legit. They stopped selling gas for like two years and just focused on hot dogs at one point, and the lines usually out the door).

If you pass through Mobile, Alabama be sure to check out Five Rivers, depending on the weather they offer kayak rentals and tours through the Mobile-Tensaw delta, which is this huge cypress swamp that packs more biodiversity than the everglades. There are also plenty of great bars with live music and seafood restaurants in downtown Mobile, (think little New Orleans).

Sorry for the exposition! But I’m sure you’ll have a good time, most people are pretty friendly and usually more than happy to give you tips about events and stuff if you strike up a conversation. Cheers!

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You might start out in Bay St. Louis. The shopping area along the beach road just off downtown has some really nice casual dining. Then head East along the beach (HWY 90) and watch out for the artwork that has been cut out of what remains of trees destroyed by hurricane Katrina in 2005. In the Gulfport / Handsboro area if you like old cemeteries check out the National Cemetery just inland from the beach.

As you get into Biloxi a must visit is Beauvoir which is the last home of Jefferson Davis. Then moving further East is the George Orr Museum (the mad potter) followed by just down the road the Seafood Museum with a wonderful display of old maritime artifacts and boats.

From there crossover the Biloxi Bay Bridge into Ocean Springs. There go into the quaint downtown area for great food and visit the Walter Anderson Art museum. Also I think there is still an eco tour operation on Government Street that takes Kayaks into the Pascagoula River system. You can also visit the Gulf Island National Seashore area there.

Then on into Pascagoula and visit Round Island lighthouse. There are several places in Pascagoula to get a good meal such as Gradys and Scranton’s Downtown. Also try Jacks by the Tracks. A little north of Pascagoula is Moss Point where the Audubon Center is and they can help you find a place to get your feet muddy! As someone else already said the Gator farm out HWY 90 towards the state line is an interesting visit but most likely best for warmer weather as Alligators don’t like it when it’s cold.

Hope this helps. Have fun on your visit!

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If your into baseball and there during baseball season they have a minor league team called the Biloxi Shuckers it’s good cheap family fun