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I’ve been trying my damnest to find a place that will sell this online, a lot of them just keep getting removed from online. I even wrote about it here, but since then I’ve seen ZIPPO in being able to unless you actually go to Japan. Of course I think you might be able to get the non-snake version of it, what I mean the liquid without the snake.

Let me know I really really want to be able to direct some people who keep hounding me about it to where to go.

I have a bottle I would like to sell.

I have to say I feel more than a bit uneasy with this.

I know that these vipers are pretty common on the island, that snake bites are relatively common and that the population is managed through some kind of control.

However, it is still an endemic species and there are apparently some welfare issues in the way that these animals are killed to produce the wine.

To each their own , but I would definitely not try or encourage others to try it.