Hanauma Bay

Formed from a volcanic cone, Hanauma Bay has a pristine ecosystem after the government turned it into a nature preserve 1990. Hanauma is located on the east side of Oahu, and is protected from the ocean swells – which is why it’s such an amazing snorkeling site.

Hanauma Bay is a “must see” if you’re visiting Oahu! With the incredibly calm waters, you will encounter lots of amazing marine life. There are a ton of colorful tropical fish, as well as octopus, eels, and crabs.

This natural bay has a living coral forest that grows and feeds the fish. Coral reefs are actually collections of living entities so be careful not to step on them (they look very much like rocks)! While snorkeling, you’ll get to glide above the corals and see tons of amazing fish.

Check out some pictures of Hanauma Bay here: Hanauma Bay | Credit Carrots