Happy Pi Day! Unusual pie fillings/pizza toppings you've ever tried



It’s probably weird for people who are used to eating avocados as savory treats, but I’ve made avocado and key lime pie before, and it was superb. Sometimes I would add a swirl of espresso to the pie filling as well.

As for pizza, my Finnish friend just talked about unusual pizza toppings that you can find at his favorite pizza place. Unfortunately he didn’t mention the name of the place, but here are some combinations that I would love to try:

  • Ham, salami, and tuna
  • Smoked reindeer, leipäjuusto, and cloudberry jam.


My Dad is from Wigan so I’m sure he’d proudly tell you about butter pie and various types of pies that, quite frankly, make my feel a bit ill. I’m not a pie fan…

I am, however, a pizza fan and have been fortunate enough to enjoy pizza with Italians on numerous occasions. The weirdest topping I’ve seen - and remember, this is in Italy with all its proud tradition and prioritising of native cuisine above all else - is chips (french fries) and frankfurters or hot dog sausage (patatine e würstel). I can’t get my head around the children who ordered that when they had, erm, everything else on offer…


I lived in Mexico for a time. My husband, a chef, was born in Mexico. We always prefer to make our pizzas at home. One of our favorites is chorizo toluca with habaneros and queso oaxaca. After it’s cooked, we add sliced avocados.
I’ve also made pizza with frijoles, tomatillos, chipotles , and queso oaxaca.
The possibilities are endless, and far more interesting than the usual fare.


Not sure how unusual it is, but one of my favorites is mac and cheese pie that comes in a pot pie/Australian meat pie crust. I always got it at Tuck Shop in NYC and put mashed potatoes on top. Highly recommend!


Depends on what the metric is for weird. So in Denmark for example you don’t see sardines as an option for pizza however kebab, blue cheese, are fairly common and it’s also common to have shredded lettuce and cream fresh dressing put on top after it’s cooked. On the other hand the only place that I have seen sliced potatoes put on a pizza is on Zealand (especially in Copenhagen). In parts of Italy it’s common to top a pizza with fries.


My mom made a mango pie once, made like an apple pie not like a pureed filling pie. It was delicious. I’ve seen a mango key lime pie in stores before but never anything like she made. I suppose I should try and ask if she remembers how she made it. It has to have been at least 2 decades since she made it and I still remember how good it was!


Dill pickle chips on pizza. Can be plain cheese pizza or whatever you like, I suppose. A friend of mine who moved to the UK introduced this concept to me so I tried it and it’s not bad.


making a piza use vindaloo paste / balti or other instead of tomato , tastes amazing


Ah, thinking locally, I recall other unusual pizza toppings! (Things that would have Italians quite rightly gesturing in confusion and possibly apoplectic rage.)

You can easily find fusion-styled pizzas in the UK - Peking duck, balti chicken, surf ‘n’ turf, etc. However, there are a couple off pizza I’ve seen in Manchester’s Northern Quarter that really stick out as spectacularly British botchings of Italian cuisine: a ‘full English breakfast’ pizza from an acclaimed pizzeria; a ‘roast dinner pizza’ that’s offered up by a fancy cocktail bar.

I’ll pass and just go back to Naples, thanks…