Haraldskær Woman

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I’m interested in where Haraldskær Woman traveled to in the year before her death. I believe I saw information on this in a recent TV show, but cannot remember which show.

The Haraldskær Woman has been permanently moved to the Cultural Museum - VejleMuseerne in Spinderigade 11 in Vejle (which is within walking distance from the church, where the bog body was previously on display). The museum is open 10 am - 5 pm, Tuesday - Sunday, and the admission is free.

I have tried several times to update this entry, but (except for my uploaded photos) my edits just get ignored unfortunately.

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As far as I know, no one from AO has been checking in on the forums for a while.

I’ve had similar problems with edits to entries not being updated, so what I’ve found works best now is to email places@atlasobscura.com any time it happens.

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I had not noticed that the AO admins have been abscent for a while. Let’s hope it’s just temporarily.

I actually recently mailed places@atlasobscura.com regarding three other edits. Despite these edits only being minor ones, I never receied any reply. Therefore I’m not so sure I would have better luck sending an email regarding the Haraldskær Woman, which would involve a major edit. Thanks anyway for the suggestion!

I have now added info under my Haraldskær Woman photos about said bog body’s new permanent location. Hopefully that will help at least a few visitors heading directly to the museum instead of going to the church in vain looking for the Haraldskær Woman.

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