Harry Andrews' Chateau Laroche

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I love the boldness of creating a castle here in the states! Hard to believe that this was one fifth in scale(!).

As a side note, really sad to hear about the owner; I myself have a sister-in-law who also became ablaze while cooking at the stove. I can’t say enough how important it is to apply the “drop and roll” technique/adage if one finds their body on fire. It’s sort of a stop whatever you’re doing, get on the ground as quickly as possible and ROLL until the fire is out. If one does that quickly enough I suppose they may not even have to go to the hospital (potentially).

My family and I went to the castle today, and it’s a lot of fun. Definitely a work of love by Andrews. He built it to inspire people to be like the archetype of knights - chivalrous, respectful, and to follow the Christian Ten Commandments (which are posted in cement in the castle). And it’s got lots of not-medieval touches, including stones from the various places he visited. The origin of those stones is written in the cement underneath each one: including one from the top of Pike’s Peak.

And he had a sense of humor: there’s a “dungeon” with a cell that contains the skeleton of a “Wild Man.”

It’s a fun place. And the fellows who keep it open are a lot of fun as well.

Oh, wow! Am driving cross-country and almost went to the castle on Friday but ran out of time. Sounds like I missed something good!