Harry's Plaza Cafe, State Street, Santa Barbara, California https://harryssb.com/

Harry’s Plaza Cafe exists for one reason only to lavish you in traditional tasty American fare. Great pastas, meats and drinks await! Harry’s opened in 1968 and I started going there about 1972. It was always a luncheon with a married woman I knew! (We were ‘just friends’, really). Today Harry’s soldiers on with some of the same great items that were on their 60’s-70’s menu including the Prime Rib Sandwich and some of the best corned beef you’ll ever run into.

I mentioned drinks. I drink Tanqueray on the rocks. Harry’s bartenders offer up doubles that are more like triples, so you have to have a designated driver when you visit. At Harry’s you have a dedicated long-serving wait staff that helps deliver great ambiance and makes you feel right at home. Don’t hold back, head to Harry’s Plaza the next time you’re in Santa Barbara and are ready for a good drink and a tasty meal. https://harryssb.com/

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