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Why Hasn't My Place/Food Submission Been Published?

Hello Eric,

I’m happy to finally see an Atlas Obscura community being born. I’m excited! :slight_smile:

Is there any way of tagging or linking a post to a specific place in the atlas? I think it would be great if there could be links to posts in the community from each place in the atlas but that requires that there is a link between the two somehow. I’d find it extremely useful if I’m looking at a place and could see other people’s questions, advice etc.



Hey Henrik! So glad you stuck with us and made it to the forums! The forums actually DO have that functionality, but you have to reach the forum thread through the place page, via one of the forum buttons. When you use one of those buttons, it will take you to the current conversation about the place, or if you are the first to talk about it in the forum, a new conversation will be created. The forum buttons can be seen in the screenshot below:


Great! That was just what I was looking for! Thanks! :slight_smile:


No problem! Glad you’re here!


Of course, I’ve been waiting for this! :slight_smile:


I personally find the forum too hard to navigate. Maybe change the main page to be just the different sub forums with the newest topic inside. Like typical phpbb forums.

Also what k would find amazing would be a place to put your unpublished places so that others can give tips or help themselves to get them published. Maybe also a resubmit button? As it seems that edited places that have not been accepted within a few days never get picked up again. (Unless you directly mail the mods)


I agree with CoolCrab that a space for workshopping potential additions would be fantastic. I’ve never really liked that anything that doesn’t get approved right away just stays pending forever—feedback about why it wasn’t and won’t be selected or suggestions on how to re-work would be super helpful.


I like this idea for a “pending submission workspace” as well - I think I’ve got several submissions in limbo and just in need of some photos, etc…

Overall I’m really enjoying the forums - communicating and sharing thoughts and ideas with other Atlas Obscura enthusiasts is something I always looked forward to. I don’t have any problem with the navigation, but I’ll try to come up with some thoughts as far as improvements.

When the feature launches, will relevant conversations be connected to the locations like Gastro is?


Hey CoolCrab,
Glad to see you you trying out the forums, and I really appreciate you dropping in the feedback! We’re working on some design tweaks to make them more immediately user friendly, and to make it easier to get to forum conversations right from place pages, etc. In terms of using the forums as a way to improve the place page submission and approval process, it’s an interesting idea. Thanks to previous feedback from frequent users (such as yourself), there are efforts being made to improve the submission process itself, to eliminate the frustration of having unpublished places sit in the backlog. We’re aware that it can be incredibly confusing and frustrating to have a place submission in the queue, and seeking help from other users in the forum might be a solid interim solution. I’m going to bring it to the attention of the Places team. In any event, thanks again for the helpful feedback, and please keep it coming!


I’m really glad you’re enjoying the forums (we are too, thanks to you guys)! To answer your question, currently, conversations about specific places are linked to the relevant place page when they’re started through the place page itself, just as with Gastro entries. Conversations related to more general places are also grouped by location, and can be started or searched from the forum homepage. I know it’s a tad complicated, but I hope that clears up any confusion. Please continue to drop your questions and thoughts here. Thanks again!


Awesome! I think that un-accepted places are really my biggest pet peeve.
You have to email the places people and hope that they are not busy and then it might get done manually, but it really is far from ideal and frustrating when you have a backlog of unpublished stuff that feels like its unpublished because it sank down the list too fast. I would really urge you guys to change the system to make edited entries jump back up to the top of the list. (I’m quite sure that this is not the case, as my entries never got published on their own after an edit.) I have no idea how the backend works, but I imagine a Facebook like wall sorted by submission date. But this has nothing to do with the forums, so I’ll stop digressing.

I like the suggested posts box on the bottom and it is easy to make topics about places. (but not unpublished ones, so maybe also add that?) And a cool way to integrate the forums would be to make the replies appear under the article as a sort of comment section. I did this many years back on my now dead science site. e.g. What causes double rainbows? It basically just grabs info from the phpbb forums and throws it out as a simple reply. It will probably entice more people to sign up and post under the cool places that they visited. The forum has a lot of potential and I think its great that you open up for discussion between submitters. :slight_smile:

EDIT: just noticed the main forum page change! I love it! Its much much much more easy to navigate.


I do apologize for your frustrations with the place submission process. The changes to those systems and process are definitely being worked on, but require some major projects to get them where we want them. As soon as we can post something more in regards to that, we will. In regards to the terrific idea of surfacing forum conversations on places pages, good news! That functionality is currently being developed and should be going live in the new year! Thanks again for the great feedback, and keep it coming!


I think the forum is a great addition.
I do also think, as some have mentionned above, that it could be a great way to keep ‘submitters’ informed about their submission, if it is rejected, if it needs more info, if there is a problem to be solved, etc…
So far, as stated indeed, the submissions reviewal process is a bit obscure.
Enzo Rhode-Hagen


Oh maybe add a link to the AO profile of forum users on the forum profile, now one has to jump through some hoops to see what others submitted.


How does one send PM’s?


Good question! For the time being, PMs are disabled for all but admins and mods. We may look at opening them up as the forums grow and take shape, but for the time being, we’re keeping them off-limits. If you have any issues you can always feel free to message me at eric@atlasobscura.com.


Not forum but site related. There are ads on the atlas that show a map, this is extremely confusing and made me almost go to the wrong place today. Please shut this down, as it’s going to annoy people immensely.


Gah. Thanks for the heads up, and apologies for any inconvenience. We’ll take a look!


All places have this map ad when you visit from the Netherlands on a mobile phone.