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Yeesh. Okay, thank you again for the info. We’ll take a look.


No problem!

Also unrelated but I remember that back in the day you could see who visited what place, but now it’s just the number as far as I can tell. Was this removed on purpose? Imo it was a neat thing to have


Hey! I’m not sure I understand what feature you’re referencing. You can still see where people have marked as visited on their profile page. Is that what you’re thinking of?


The page for a location used to contain a list of people who visited. Now you need to see if a person visited the sight, so it’s the other way around.


Ahhhh yes. Now I remember that. Thank you for the kick to the brain. And yes, that feature was removed for a handful of resource and design reasons. But it’s noted that it was a feature that you found useful!


another comment. Back in the day, the person who edited the piece when it launched also got mentioned on the place page. These days apparently this is no longer the case.

As these entries can change quite a bit, I think that it is fair to put them on there. It’s also a bit uncomfortable to have stuff fully attributed to myself that I did not fully write.


Hey Crab! I take it you mean the staff person who edited your submission being displayed on the place page? The database pages still display when our users have edited a submission, but the staff accreditations were removed so that they didn’t appear on every single entry, overshadowing the users who have submitted edits. In regards to having your name on a submission that can later be edited by others, we specifically chose the “Contributed By” attribution to reflect that the exact text may not have been authored by the original user. In any event, it’s good to know that you found the staff accreditation useful, and thanks again for the suggestion!


Another glitch I think. I added two places to Den Haag, but I am not on the leaderboard of the city.

Very odd!

In rotterdam it seems to work though!


The newly added places aren’t always appearing on the homepage either, my newly published article did not showed yesterday and the same happened with at least one other entry.


I think that they pick the ones they like for front page feature. Same with Facebook posts and other things. The ones that get featured always have about 20 ‘want to go’ presses and the ones that don’t look a bit sad with 1 or 2. :stuck_out_tongue:
But I get that they only want to feature the crème de la crème.


Bump…! I added like 5 things to Rotterdam now and it still didn’t update my rank. Same for Stockholm. Is this just some cronjob that runs once every few weeks?


Ah! Sorry for the delay! Let me look into that. Also, today I learned what a “cronjob” is!


No problem!

Also another error. Stockholm is a big city with many suburbs that have their own name. The map app doesn’t seem to understand that and forces the places under the suburb names. (Which makes them completely dissapear off the map when looking in the neighborhood) e.g. I was planning a trip to this place by the end of the month and just not discovered that it’s already in the atlas. Will still go ofc, but if I miss it then others absolutely will.
There are more
Even one of mine

Sometimes I can nudge the pin a bit and it fixes itself but sometimes not. I now left a comment for the editor and hope that they can fix it. But I think that the map app needs work. :stuck_out_tongue: will check the rest of the places now.


I could have sworn that all the spots were Stockholm and some have now been changed back to suburb names. Is that possible?

I sent new edit requests at any rate.


Thanks, CoolCrab! I asked after the map issues you brought up, our product team is working on a fix, though it may not go live for a while.


Thanks! And editors are fixing manually after I flag them it seems, so that’s good. :slight_smile:

45 places in Stockholm!

The ‘#places added’ leaderboard still.hasnt updated for Stockholm btw.


It can take a while before it’s updated. I guess they run it once in a while to reduce the number of database queries.


Hey! (Also, hi @hrnick!) Sorry for the lack of an answer regarding the leaderboards, but yes, in general they are updated on a rolling schedule. We’re currently investigating the instances you’ve mentioned to make sure we can give you a more definitive answer about the delay you’re seeing.


I would suggest a button that lists the community forum entries of just the places you’ve visited. It would make it easier to see what other people have said or asked about places you know.


Eric, this is really fantastic. Y’all rock.