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That’s a great suggestion, and something we’ll think about as the forums continue to evolve!


Love this idea too. The dream is to connect the members of our community who have visited a place with the members who want to visit the place and have questions…

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Suggestion: an introduction thread. I think it’d be nice to get to know fellow travelers.


Thanks for the suggestion, nagnabodha! We’re still tweaking a number of aspects of the forums as more people join in on them, and I think something along those lines would be a great idea. We’ll look into it, and thanks again for the great idea!

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I love that Atlas Obscura has a forum where explorers from across the globe can exchange and discuss. Hats off on the awesome work! :slight_smile: And, good job on fostering such an engaged community.

In the future, it would be amazing to see an Atlas Obscura app come to life. Given that the experience is entirely web-based, it’s not as accessible when you’re actually out exploring with your mobile phone. It would be great to be able to open the app when I’m out and about to access places or points of interest nearby. Plus, it would be great to pin places we discover onto our personal geolocated map. Or, perhaps develop a Google Maps extension (linked to our Atlas Obscura account) that allows us to do so. Just an idea…

Again, you guys are doing an awesome job, so keep it up! Looking forward to seeing whatever comes next. :slight_smile:


Thank you for the kind words, and we totally hear you on this one, @From_the_Backwoods! A dedicated Atlas Obscura app is something we’ve been discussing for a long time, and it’s a bit down the road, but hopefully it’s something we’ll eventually be able to offer. In the meantime, it’s really helpful to hear your enthusiasm for such a project, and your ideas for its potential utility are terrific. Thanks again for the feedback, and for digging into the forums in the meantime!


My one wish so far is that replies to a particular comment should in my opinion nest underneath the the comment they replied to instead of in the chronological order they were received. The current method is confusing when reading through the timeline of the replies.


Not sure if this has been mentioned already , but I think it might be an interesting idea to have some kind of page where Obscurians upload info on temporary exhibitions at museums / galleries and other such events.

There is a real lack of information about whats going on in cities around the world unless you specifically follow the facebook / twitter feed of a particular institution and I feel like a function here on this site would just be a really cool way of getting the word out to folks about interesting things going on either locally or at international destinations which they might be intending to visit.

Having said that , I’m not sure how exactly this could be done or whether it would be a popular thing , I have a huge and undeniable bias on this because I am addicted to seeing temporary exhibitions whereas others might prefer seeing more permanent collections/attractions.


I think this could be extended to include all the events that are today found in the atlas. I’d love to see a “Calendar Obscura” listing ongoing and upcoming events on each country or city page respectively. It would also solve the problem of having events constantly on the map when they’re not on.


Thanks for the feedback, Bacon. The general nesting method used in the forums is a feature of Discourse (our forum hosting platform), but this readability issue is something we’ve been looking at, and we’re exploring some design changes that should hopefully help. Thanks again for the feedback!


This is a really cool idea. I agree that it would take some serious planning to implement correctly, but it is something we could definitely look at integrating into our own events listings. Thanks for the great suggestion!


I would really like an ‘added and not published’ tab. Once you have a few entries its hard to see which ones are published and which are not. And maybe exclude the ones that have been edited and are pending to be published or give them some other name.


That’s a great suggestion! Thanks again!


Not that I want to keep complaining, but It would be great if there was a link to forum users AO profile somewhere on the forum. I often want to click and see what they added and its complicated right now. (Especially if the username does not match the display name, like my case.)

Maybe another cool statistic would be, how many people have visited your added places or want too.

And the last one is a question. How are the most popular places of a city/country determined? It does not seem to be the sum of the ‘Been here’/‘Want to go’ numbers, as some places have a higher sum and are still low.


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A suggestion for the book club thread.
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Unfortunately, we can’t resort the posts that way, but I’ve reposted at the bottom. Thanks so much again for creating those super-helpful images!