Have you ever traveled with a dog?


I know it’s possible… but what’s it like? I’d love to take my buddy Zeke on an adventure sometime.


I wish, Lex! I would love to bring a dog traveling.


All tales of dog travel are welcomed and encouraged.


FYI, here is Zeke. He is ready for an adventure.633768730263


Poor Fausto gets car sick, so we’ve never really tried to go too far. His old dog walker once took him sailing, though.


Not a dog, but I did bring my horse to college with me every year!


Garbanzo loves road-trippin (Vince only enjoyed it when he got to ride shotgun)


This is my friend Annabelle, waiting to board a flight.

She’s a champion traveler (though carrying her has caused her human some minor back problems).


I love this the most.


In a word - awesome! My wife and I frequently take trips with our two-year-old shih tzu, Tinker Bell. She’s a good traveler and we’ve driven from our home in Tampa to Orlando, Atlanta, Savannah and a bunch of other places. She has her own tiny travel bag with treats, toys and a folder that includes all of her medical info (proof she’s up to date on all her shots). She’s pretty small (12 lbs) so most hotels don’t have an issue - of course we research that ahead of time. We also scout out some doggy day care wherever we go so that we can let her have a day or two to play with her canine friends while we do things that wouldn’t be dog-friendly like museums. I’ve been surprised by how pet friendly places are, especially Savannah, GA, where we could take her on many of the tours with us and Leopold’s Ice Cream made her a complimentary Puppy Sunday. Happy to provide more info if you like.



One more - here’s Tink paying her respects at the grave of Sideways the Dog.


This photo is… fantastic.


This is so cute! Feel free to add this pic to our place entry for the grave!


Beautiful dog ! Is it a smooth fox terrier by any chance ?


Thank you! He’s a shelter pup, so we’re not exactly sure! The only thing we think is likely is that he’s part Akita.


He’s beautiful , I am sure he makes a brilliant travelling companion


We did awesome road trip along the AZ/UT border w our dog Pablo. Incredible trip and he LOVED it! We did Springtime when weather is cool. I would def NOT recommend this trip in summer. Way too hot.


Wow, Pablo is so photogenic.


What breed is Pablo ? Totally agree with lexberko , he looks like such a character and he definitely knows how to pose for the camera haha