Have you ever traveled with a dog?


Pablo looks like he has a great spirit. +12 doggo.


Awwwww he is such a sweetheart…i love doign road trips w/him. He’s getting older but still agile. Fingers crossed this trend continues!


My in-law’s dog, Baby Spooky 2, road trips with them twice a year from Southwest Florida to the Thousand Islands in Canada. She sits in a little carrier directly between the driver and passenger seats and always seems very content.

I don’t have a picture of her road trip accommodations, but here’s one of my giggling at her magnificence on a boat.


Love her ears.


To be fair, I’ve never traveled with him, but as one of the most senior employees at Atlas Obscura, I think it’s fair to mention Teddy, who comes in most days, and makes me feel that the world is worth exploring. @meganroberts may have travel pics w/ him.


What a loveable little rogue


He IS a little rogue! He’s the perfect trouble maker.


We picked up a stray in bumblef*ck Oklahoma and took him back to North Carolina with us. Lots of napping was had, and he loved running around during rest stops. If your dog is ok with the ride to the vet and the like, he’d probably be able to handle the car ride!


Did you keep the little hitchhiker?


Sure did! He’s been living with my parents for almost 8 years now. :slight_smile:


I love that story. I bet he’s a great addition to the family!


Yay, shelter pet! Thank you for doing the “adopt don’t shop” thing…so many many lovely dogs languishing in shelters!


He is a terrier mix (he was literally a street rescue so who knows for sure!) and it’s hilarious sometimes he is GREAT for the camera and others he masters the “im going to turn my head away the SECOND you push the photo button” haaaaaa!!!


What a beautiful mix ! , he really looks like he’s got a bit of staffie or some kind of fighting dog breed in him. Yes , hahaha , he definitely seems to be performing for the camera haha.


I came across one more Tinker Bell travel/adventure photo and thought I’d share it. Apparently she’s a… merdog? Enjoy and I hope you all have a great Thanksgiving with your two and four-legged family members.


What a little character ! haha! I’m glad to hear he is a rescued dog and that he has a fantastic life under your care


Yes, you can take the dog with you while you travel but you must know the prednisone dosage for dogs which will help the dog to stay healthy forever.


Those ears!!! :heart::heart::heart:


My lovely, mutt-girl Flora likely has been to every outdoor, dog-friendly, Atlas Obscura destination in the Bay Area. But now we have Orbi, a rehomed Frenchie, and are living in New York and idk. I just don’t think we can keep up with the adventures with two dogs! Especially with such a stubborn, unathletic breed. (I love him. I promise. Just more a snuggler than an outdoorsy guy.)

Would love to hear any unusual dog-friendly recs around New York. Bonus points for Queens. (Extra bonus points for bonus tips on how to train a Frenchie.)

Here are Orbi pretending like he worked hard at the dog park and Flora playing with a stick, for good measure and cuteness!


Heaven must be understaffed if these angels are loose in the world.