Have you ever traveled with a dog?


My fluffy buddy is a marvelous ambassador and conversation starter. Sadly, he’s not sufficiently portable to travel on planes and trains, but that does mean we have control over the frequency of pee-n-sniff stops. Fortunately for us Motel 6 has a corporate policy of no extra fee and no weight limit for dogs (we’ve had some supposedly friendly hotels suddenly institute a weight limit when we walk into the lobby).



A few years ago, I took a road trip across the county with my 10 year old lab mix, Obi, and it was the best trip I ever took! We had no problem finding dog friendly hotels (Red Roof Inn & Motel 6) and spent many nights camping. The only down side was that many National Parks have limits on where you can take dogs (like Yellowstone) but we were always able to find nearby State Parks or public lands where dogs are allowed on trails. This is a picture of Obi in the Bighorn Mountains. Plan a mostly outdoor trip, without expecting to spend a lot of time doing indoor “people” activities. Many restaurants with outdoor seating will allow dogs, especially in the western states. Or you can get food to go and find a nice picnic spot.



The little guy looks so at peace with nature!

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Bajan is good for long road trips…but look at that curious mug and mohawk…do you trust him lol



Into that mohawk!

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whats sick is this is from months ago, he’s had different cuts and …its still there …still!

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Simon was adopted by my parents while they were RV’ing in AZ and he became my boy on a trip later that year. He likes to travel in cars and RV’s, but doesn’t care for hotels or other hoomans homes. Simon’s anxiety is something I work around because he’s such a sweet dog. This is from our roadtrip a few years ago. That seat is great, it allows him to see out safely but still a bit contained. Simon is a good copilot, but a terrible driver lol



Oh hai, Simon!



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