Hello from Islamabad Pakistan

Hello from Islamabad. I notice I am the first member here, so that’s a, errr, ‘first’! Am a long term resident of the city, and am happy to be contacted for any queries you may have on the place, and its environs. My interests are food, social activities, and classic cars, with my particular hobby being the VW club we started up here 20 years ago, and of which I am an active member.


Hi @romano! Thanks for posting, and welcome to the forums! I’m always interested in a solid VW Club. Also if you know of any incredible hidden wonders or incredible foods around Islamabad, please let us know. This is what we currently have in Pakistan, and also feel free to add your knowledge in the comments on any of these places as well. So glad you’re here!


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Hello Eric,

here is a short video on our drive to meet, and bid farewell to the outgoing German ambassador in Islamabad. YouTube


Ahhhhh! This is so cool! Thank you for coming back and posting this @Romano! It’s so cool that the German ambassador appreciates the club as a point of cultural connection. Love this.

Hi. What sort of tickets did you need?

Romano thank you so much for very informative post.

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Hello, I m new here and new to living in Pakistan. Also in Islamabad, plz say hi and we can chat about mutual interests etc

Hello, welcome to Islamabad. Keep in touch via my email romanokarim@gmail.com.

Hello! :slight_smile:

Hello, how’s Islamabad treating you so far

Hello, @orangutancleaning , sorry for the delay. Are you in Islamabad too?