Helltown, Ohio

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Helltown, Ohio is/was one of those locations that gained the attention of urban explorers immediately after watching a 1996 X-Files episode called “Home.” Ohio has a lot of weird things, stories and, simply put, places you don’t visit if you’re a minority or a non-local after dark. My ex wife who was from Ohio, knowing my penchant for exploring the country side, warned me about these “Deliverance” type places where incest was practiced with vigor for generations, especially Lima, Ohio. One day, during one of my fits of young bravado, she begged me with tears in her eyes NEVER to go in that town. I listened.

I did go into Helltown though. I took pictures; it was nothing spectacular. I didn’t even find a stray orb. The buildings and bus were there. I didn’t hear a crying baby. I did see a bunch of old satanic symbols of the youth before me. Nothing or no one chased me.

Helltown, Ohio is one of those legends that lives on in the hearts of people that were alive to experience it in its full glory. A real lost treasure.

When I dropped in here, I felt ripped off for my time. I am actually glad this is on the Atlas Obscura site to deter other visitors. It is seriously not worth your time.