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"Gordo the Barosaurus - Canada’s Largest dinosaur skeleton on display might be the only dinosaur discovered on a plane.

At the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto, one specimen dwarfs everything else in it: a 27.5 metre long dinosaur skeleton. His name is ROM 3670, but he’s more commonly known as Gordo, and he’s among the biggest mounted dinosaur skeletons in Canada, only rivalled by a Futalognkosaurus installed in the lobby, originally made for a 2011 exhibit.

Gordo is specifically a Barosaurus, one of the larger of the sauropod dinosaurs. At 66 tonnes, it indeed lived up to its name coming from barys, the greek word for heavy. It lived among its closest relatives Diplodocus and Apatosaurus 150 million years ago in western North America in what would become the Morrison Formation. However, by sheer luck, not many fossils have been found

Gordo’s story began when some lucky fossils being found in

It wasn’t until 2007 the seeds were planted. The ROM’s curator, David C. Evans, had been put in charge of creating a new dinosaur gallery for it, and among the dinosaurs selected was a sauropod. Problem? As far as it knew, it had no sauropod. They looked for solutions, such as sa new expedition to find one or mount a cast of actual fossil specimens. But lo and behold, Evans finally managed to rediscover them when

Third source by the way:
The Rediscovery of Gordo the Barosaurus | Science | Smithsonian Magazine