Henderson's Relish

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I lived in Sheffield for around 10 years and despite growing up less than 20 miles away I’d never heard of hendos until my husband introduced me. It is wonderful and unlike nothing I’ve tasted before.
The best thing about hendos you can add it to anything but is best in casseroles, vegetables and cheese sauces in my opinion.
I live in Somerset now but when I visit my daughter I still pick up a bottle.
On a visit to a friends house in Dorest I saw a painting of a bottle on her wall turns out her partner had lived in Sheffield. Also when visiting Scotland one of my partners best friend asked me please to bring the hendos- ex Sheffield person again.
If you get the chance try it and visit the factory. Sheffield is a wealth of industrial sites and not well known for its great food but hendos is perhaps is best kept little secret!!

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Thanks for the tips and advice :beers:

Amazon does a litre bottle for 8 quid… for a Yorkshire man relish sits with culinary greats like balsamic di modena and yamaroku soya sauce. It truly is the magic ingredient in everything from chilli and stews to chips and cheese on toast.