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We’ve probably all read more than enough about the “ongoing situation” and these “strange times” but regardless of how much we might’ve read about them, these things are still going on.

Covid-19 has currently impacted tourism in a brutal manner and I thought it would make sense to create a recopilation of GoFundMe, Patreons and other similar means that we can use to donate and keep Atlas Obscura-featured wonders able to continue operating and inspiring.

Please link not only to the donation page but also to the AO entry as well. Also, this does not necessarily need to end once we are looking at a post-Covid scenario since, as the lockdown period has shown, if disasters and other incidents continue to happen during this pandemic, they sure will continue to happen afterwards.

While the deadline for this particular donation period has passed, I will still link to it as an example of what I think this thread can be. The La Esquina Toy Museum in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico (home to the Don Sshinda Collection featured in AO), had set up a donation profile on a website called Donadora requesting for assistance in recouping operational and maintenance costs during a period without paying visitors:

Please feel free to add the ones you have found.


This is a nice idea! I know of one place so far in Brooklyn that is accepting donations:

AO Entry: City Reliquary
Donation page: Withfriends donation page


Also the lightning field accepts donations! They say the cost of maintenance is higher than the visitor fees and I think they cancelled their 2020 reservations.

Donation Page: Dia Art Foundation


Cambodia’s Landmine Museum is currently requesting donations via GoFundMe:


Taller Leñateros is currently having some issues with the new owners of the building they’ve occupied for decades threatening to have them removed.

Not strictly asking for donations or funds, but rather signatures so far. The situation seems quite complicated but I’ll drop the change.org link below if anyone else feels like leaving one:

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Definitely a worthy cause !

Have signed the petition and thank you for mentioning this @linkogecko as I wasn’t aware of this situation.

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