Hilton Sisters Grave

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People did realize they were conjoined. They also worked as cashiers, one would ring up and one would bag. I heard this story growing up from my grandmother who used to shop at that Park ‘n’ Shop. She knew they were from “London” and had been famous at one time. I wouldnt have known of houdini or Charlie Chaplin so I’m not sure if they were part of Granny’s story. She had a 1978 Guinness book of world records and she would tell it sometimes when I was looking at it or in the car when we were going to park n shop. It wasn’t our regular store by that time, but we went there occasionally. Granny may have a little more interest in them than average since her mothers name was Daisy, but we were talking about them 20 years after they passed.


thanks for sharing that information about the twins–very interesting! Also, I like how your info points out the article is not necessarily correct about people not knowing they were twins since they also worked as a cashier and bagger.