Hólavallagarður Cemetery

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I was wondering if there were Viking runes there as all pictures showed only cemetery stones that look like since 1800 opening . A little more info if available. I’m always interested in what you might think makes it spooky. I fine most cemeteries quite calming.

Thanks ahead of time, k


No, no runes. Iceland was firmly Christian, mainly Lutheran, by the time this cemetery was built. I personally find the place very serene and calming, but I guess any cemetery could look spooky in the right combination of darkness and fog, and Iceland certainly has plenty of that. It is open 24-7, and it’s said to be a place where young people might go to smoke and deal weed, but it’s not in any way a dangerous place to be.

As you get further away from Reykjavik you’ll find many small and often quite beautiful churches, each having its own little burial plot where you can trace the history of the town. All in all, Iceland’s a rewarding place for cemetery fans.

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