Holtermann's Bakery

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Holtermann’s Bakery is on Arthur Kill Road Between Miles Ave & Giffords Lane. Without a car it’s a trip from outside SI.

From Manhattan take the SI Ferry to St. George then take the S74 bus to Giffords Lane, or from the ferry take the SI Railway to Great Kills then take the S54 bus to Arthur Kill Road or take the SIM1 / SIM1C express bus ($6.50 fare) to Nelson Avenue then take the S54 bus to Arthur Kill Road.

S74 - https://new.mta.info/document/7836
S54 - https://new.mta.info/document/7796
SIM1 / 1C - https://new.mta.info/document/8551
SI Railway - https://new.mta.info/document/9546

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Way, way easier: Staten Island Railroad at the ferry to the Great Kills stop, then the S54 up Giffords to Arthur Kill.

The S54 doesn’t run on weekends but it’s under a mile walk from the train to the bakery.