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Just a note that the famous Hot Springs mineral water is unique because there’s no typical “mineral” taste to it. Ditto, I would think, for beer brewed from it. There’s even a bottled water company just down the street, Mountain Valley Water, that ships all over the US.

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Hi Rachel,
I found your quote disturbing: “Walking down one side of Central Avenue today, you’ll find a modest strip of kitschy tourist attractions and shops. On the opposite side of the same street, you’re in a U.S. National Park lined with a row of outdated bathhouses. Some remain in operation; others are abandoned.”

When did you actually walk down historic Central Avenue? The 1980s? All of the bathhouses are now in use, not just the one that brews beer and they aren’t outdated or dilapidated. Did you see the Quapaw Bathhouse and Spa, It’s a world quality spa that offers any type of treatment you could possibly ask for as well as hot spring water right from the source that you can bathe in in public or private pools. It’s basically brand new. The National Park Visitor’s Center is spectacular, Visitor Centers - Hot Springs National Park (U.S. National Park Service)? The Hale Bathhouse is now a Bed and Breakfast Inn. They are ALL occupied.

The other side of the street, did you see the coffee houses, toy stores, high end beauty boutiques, amazing antique stores, restaurants, bars? One of my favorites is Kollective Coffee where you can get a vegan breakfast/lunch/dinner if you’d like. The Waters Hotel has JUST been restored and is a beautiful neoclassical gem. BRAND NEW last year, How about Justus Fine Arts for some of the best art in the region?

While I don’t live in Hot Springs I do frequent the city quite a bit and I would suggest that you spend more time there yourself before you write another piece.


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Hi Katherine. Thanks for your thoughts on this. I’m happy to hear you’re passionate about Hot Springs (you’re making me want to go)! I do know that the writer visited the area just a few weeks ago, but I’ve reached out to her about your concerns and am waiting to hear back. To be safe, I’ve removed the line about the outdated/abandoned bathhouses and tweaked some of the language about Central Ave. We certainly want to make sure we’re doing Hot Springs justice!

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