Hotel Casanus

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I’d very much like to hear from anyone who has actually stayed here.

Hi Eric, I was there last weekend! It was a great experience, the Verbeke Foundation in general is a place worth adding to the Atlas (I will write an entry soon), as it is full of wonder & weirdness. And it is cool to have ‘a night at the museum’, especially at a place like this. The bed was comfy, the toilet unfortunately at the moment non functional (that happens sometimes in an intestine too I guess), but we could use the one in one of the other building. Highly recommended!


AH!!! Thank you for telling us about it, @historynerdxl! I’ve been curious about that place for years.

I haven’t stayed there but the Verbeke Foundation invites every year several young artists for an exhibition. Those students/artists have to stay there for one week and in that time they have to create something for the exhibition. My daughter once was one of them.