"How a Cooking Show in Canada’s Far North Celebrates Inuit Cuisine" Discussion Thread

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Is there a way to watch the show from outside of Canada? I’d be interested to see at least one episode (provided it’s got subtitles, assuming it’s not in English).

On another note, Gordon Ramsay’s Uncharted did an episode with native Alaskans where he leared how they prepare and cook seal. He could not hunt the seal with them, because that privilege is legally restricted to native peoples in Alaska, but watching his face as he inflates a pair of seals lungs with his mouth during the cooking prep is a sight to behold. It’s not a show for those sensitive about hunting or the inherent goriness involved in turning animals into food. There was some backlash from animal rights activists among others over hunting in the show, despite the fact the animals were used for food. However, I think it’s a great new perspective for Gordon (It’s not just about him swearing at people), and I’m looking forward to a second season.

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Thanks for the fabulous article. In a short form, I am impressed that the social and climate pressures on the Inuit are covered sensitively while simultaneously carrying a sense of fun and curiosity about food. I echo the previous post: I wish I could watch the program outside of Canada.

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