"How a White Lie Gave Japan KFC for Christmas" Discussion Thread

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I liked this story! I remember spending one Christmas in China, but it didn’t have the same tradition there. Whenever I needed to use a Western bathroom when I was downtown, I always went to the KFC or McDonald’s.

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I have students currently researching Christmas traditions around the world, and one is completely obsessed with this unique tradition. It’s really a neat story of ingenuity, and what I would assume is a fun tradition.


Christmas in New Zealand is in the summertime and for years, despite the heat, we have forced ourselves to blindly follow the British traditions many of our ancestors brought with them. Heavy winter food! Lately this is changing and l know of a few families who have made KFC their ‘new’ Christmas meal, mostly because it’s the only fast food outlet open here on Christmas day. They also only open one store and alternate which one, so regardless of where you work, most years you will still have Christmas off which seems fair. Some families now have picnics at the beach or have kept a few favourite traditional foods and added a few more suitable ones which is pretty nice too .


Wow! This is super interesting, it’s amazing how traditions morph and transform over time.

Sounds like a interesting project. Thanks for sharing !