"How D.C.’s Museums Plan to Preserve the New Era of Protest" Discussion Thread

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Not to make light of the situation, the calligraphy and art are beautiful. But the message is so important. It is a good idea that the signs are preserved for the future. It will be history. What struck me is the Black Lives Matter painted in yellow on the street.

That’s simply pandering on the one side and rewriting all history on the other. There is nothing new about the protests. The French Revolution was the prototype where the evil, the jealous and the dumb destroyed a fairly beautiful civilization. 200 years or so prior to that the Catholic Church murdered over 70,000 trusting Huguenots in such a bloody act of horror and then got their comeuppance during the Revolution. You may glorify and vilify as you will but be aware that all decisions to glorify violence will come down upon our society in a bloody and dreadful harvest. That said, I am aware you will proceed with some sort of wishy washy soviet poster lowest common denominator sound and sight bites so I wish you well and may goodness motivate you - not victimhood.

Protesting to protect history is justifying in my knowledge but it shuldn’t be aggressive to affect the common people and their lives.