How did this giant bear get its bellybutton?


I just stumbled upon this article. And I love it very much. But what do you all think? How did this bear in Montreal get its belly button?


Drone. The creator flew a drone over it, and dropped balls of ice into it. Or trained birds. Snow pigeons.


William of Occam says: Stood at the side of the belly and light-tossed four snowballs to roughly the same place.


I think it was four birds. :bird::bird::bird::bird:


Snowball crossbow/launcher.


I’d like to think it was that kid specifically.


Mystery solved so it seems!


Aha! Thanks for the update! (Although I still believe that it was the kid pictured above…)


Haha! I’m sure it was! :joy: Definitely makes for a better story!!


Goldilocks left a button behind and the Papa Bear slept and squished it.