"How Golden, Mummified Bees Hid in a Panama City Cathedral Altar" Discussion Thread

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“In 1510, the Spanish colonists, in their hot, cruel pursuit of gold” This paragraph seems to me an unnecessarily aggressive comment with the ancestors of Panamanians who among other things are interviewed for the restoration of their cathedral. They would have sought gold, but they also did many more things, such as the works of art they are restoring.

Respectfully disagree with your statement Vbarcia06.

I do agree with you that history is nuanced. However, the article really isn’t historically inaccurate in the wording of that sentence.

The Spanish conquistadors such as Vasco Núñez de Balboa were still very deep in their brutal pursuit for gold and indigenous slaves in the Central American isthmus and the Caribbean during the 1510’s.

The colonial cities of the Viceroyalty came after this very bloody period of millitary expansionism and you can’t really talk about one period without mentioning the one that preceded it.

Afterall, the wealth of Panama which produced all of the artwork and architecture that you mention did arise as a result of all of the looted gold and silver of the conquered Inca civilization and the Colombian indigenous tribes.