How Have You Been Using the Atlas During The Pandemic?

Hey Obscurians,

We were curious over here at Atlas as to how people are using the Atlas during the COVID-19 pandemic to satisfy their thirst for exploration. We would love to know if you’ve found a few places in the Atlas that are closer to home that you never thought of going to see until now? Perhaps you are using the Atlas to plot your next global adventure when the world returns to some normalcy. Or maybe you are taking this time to explore the Atlas and all its curiosities?

We’d love to hear from our community about the unique ways they are using the Atlas during these strange times, or something you’ve discovered in the Atlas, whether a cool place or unique fact, that made you say, WOW! Please share your stories or wonderous findings in the thread below!


Most recently I found myself encountering articles on Atlas Obscura that present photo galleries and text about places that happen to be exactly what I was looking for. If I didn’t stifle myself I’d think Atlas Obscura had some kind of mind reading app installed. LOL! And in looking at the “places near here” or “related places” I get stuck chasing the White Rabbit into the underground labyrinth of connecting tunnels. Even when I break the spell long enough to look and see how many hours have passed since I opened that first link, that insidious inner voice whispers: “Just one more! Just one more, then you can log off!” In ordinary times, after a supreme act of iron will I would manage to close the window. But these are not ordinary times, are they? So I just go with the flow, ride with the tide and the kokomo responding listlessly: “Sure, why not?” This morning began with the sinkholes on the shrinking shore of the Dead Sea that took me back to the expanding sinkholes of Winkler County, Texas threatening to swallow the entire meager population in one big gulp. Ironically the chief concern in both locales is the decline in tourism. Even in trying times like these, gotta keep your priorities straight.

I’m with you, TexArcana! It’s way too easy to just go from one fascinating story to the next. But my list of places to go, both in the U.S. and overseas, is getting larger and larger. Around the end of April I might even start developing a route.

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I expected to have time to add many more places, but somehow I get distracted more. Maybe because travel is just not a thing for now and I’ve been to all the local spots.

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I’m just looking at blank parts of Canada going ‘there should be something there…’ So now i’m seeing if there are things I should be adding.


I’ve been attempting to make foods and drinks from Gastro Obscura. For better or worse, I work in a grocery store so I’m there several times a week (the rest of you should limit your visits to the grocery store to once a week at most, if possible). After my shifts I’ve been picking up items and attempting to reproduce various regional foods and drinks. I made a Lancashire hotpot yesterday. Made chislic, the lunchbox, and Scandinavian egg coffee last week.


I’ve been using it a lot more recently to find places close to Atlanta that I can make a day trip out of. I’m furloughed and bored. It’s really helped.