How much to budget for meals

Were I to go to Italy, probably Rome and Florence and the regions in between, does anyone know how much I could expect to spend on an average dinner with, say, two glasses of wine? Ballpark estimates are, of course, fine.

Is this a situation where amazing food grows on trees, or would one expect to set aside a hefty budget in order to sample the best that the region has to offer?

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I don’t know what current costs are (was there for a month 10 years ago) but you will pay a lot less and eat better food if you stay out of tourist areas. Try side streets, or places near more residential areas. Avoid places with menus in English. Wine isn’t sold by the glass. It is sold by the liter half liter or quarter liter. If you are near Tuscany just always go with the house wine. It is generally always chianti and fantastic. Restaurants generally do not have wait lists. When the tables are full… they turn you away. People are generally expected to sit and eat and spend most of the rest of the night there. They won’t bring a check until you ask. Also, there are no breakfast places. If you want breakfast go to a bar. They serve coffee and pastries in the morning.


Thank you, this is perfect! Everything you need to know to eat well in Italy, in a single paragraph.